Soccer Trick: Toe Lift & Around the World

Perform the ATW from a toe lift. Very stylish way to lift the ball from the ground.


Once you’ve learned the ATW (Around the World) trick, there’s lots of combinations you can try with it. This is one that I like.

The Toe lift can be found in a separate video, but all you do is roll the ball to your other foot and lift the toe up at the right moment to make the ball pop up in the air. Takes some timing.

The ATW trick is broken down in a separate video so if please check it out if you are having trouble with it. The MOST important things to keep in mind with the ATW are: 1) Foot should go around the ball IMMEDIATELY after the first touch. 2) The swinging motion needs to be quick, so train your leg to do make that motion over and over until it’s fast.

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