Soccer Trick: The Rainbow – How to do the Rainbow

A popular trick that takes time to perfect. “Can you do the Rainbow?”. Why yes… yes you can.


This soccer trick is by far the most “requested” trick that I’m asked to do – probably because it’s so well known. Here’s how to do the rainbow:

The Rainbow can be used as a move during a game too – but that’s a bit too fancy for me. The last guy I did that to ended up injuring me pretty bad. I guess most people don’t like to get embarrassed on the soccer field. But it’s still a great soccer trick, so here’s how to do the rainbow:

There’s TWO versions of this trick that I know of. One starts with the feet on the front & back of the ball. The other version (the one I use in the video) starts with the feet on either side of the ball. Use whatever works best for you.

If you decide to go with this version, keep these things in mind:

1) When you use the foot to roll the ball up the opposite leg, do it HARD ENOUGH so that it gets some air. And, hit the ball with the heel when the ball is in the air. The trick RARELY works if you hit the ball when its still on the leg.

2) Lean forward as you are doing the trick. This helps create space between the opposite leg and the ball so you can hit it in the air.

Enjoy it!! Hopefully you will be able to say “Yes. I can do that” when someone asks to see it. But more importantly, I think we can all agree that it’s very satisfying being able to flick the ball over the head.

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