Soccer Trick: Heel Crossover Lift

Balance your body weight on your heel. Cross the opposite leg over and lift the ball up. Doesn’t sound hard? Yeah. You’re wrong.


As a prerequisite to this soccer trick, make sure you are comfortable performing a foot stall (balancing the soccer ball on your foot) before you attempt this trick. Otherwise, you are going to get very frustrated.

Balancing all of your body weight on ONE heel AND keeping the ball steady is difficult.

And that’s just the first step…

The second step is to cross over with the opposite foot and lift the ball up. Try to do this quick. Otherwise you will lose your balance or break the foot stall.

So the best advice I can give you is to practice this soccer trick in two parts: First – make sure you can balance the ball on your foot while that same heel is holding your body weight. Once you can do that pretty well, try crossing over with the leg and lifting the ball in one quick motion.

Don’t give up!

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