Soccer Trick: Backheel Tap

Hit the ball with your heel as you juggle – there’s nothing to it. Well, that’s not true. Watch the video for some tips.


This is another one of those soccer tricks that really isn’t a “trick”. It’s just another way to juggle the ball. Step out of your comfort zone! Everyone can juggle with the feet, thigh, and head. Start using your shoulder, heel, and shin!

For this one – it’s important to get the ball on either side of your body before you do the backheel tap. Notice in the video that my last juggle before the trick gets the ball over to the right side of my body. Then, you just have to practice swinging the opposite leg over with your heel pointed up.

So let’s review:

1) On the last touch before the backheel tap – make sure to get the ball on the SIDE of your body. NOT the front.

2) Swing your leg over with the heel pointed up

3) Repeat until you get comfortable with it

Youtube link: