Soccer Trick: Reverse Around the World (ATW)

Many freestylers can do the Around the World (ATW), but not very many can do it in reverse.


Performing the ATW is an accomplishment. But THIS variation is much harder. Not only are you doing the ATW trick TWICE, but you are doing it in REVERSE…AND immediately after you do the normal one.

You will have to be very patient with this trick. Your legs will start to burn after only a few minutes of practicing. What’s WORSE – is as you continue to practice, your legs will get more tired and sluggish. So I would recommend only practicing this trick a few minutes at a time – otherwise you are going to end up getting more frustrated by the minute.

Same basic principles apply here. Anytime you do the ATW, you need to focus on moving the foot immediately after you touch the ball. This is especially true for this variation of the trick.


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