Soccer Trick: Around the World (3 variations)

Generally known as the “around the world” – a very popular trick. In this video we look at 3 different ways to do it.


The three variations you’ll see in this video are:

1) From a foot stall

2) From a juggle

3) With the opposite foot (the one that doesn’t release the ball)

In my personal opinion, I would say that the first one is the easiest and the third one is the hardest. So, it might be a good idea to start with the first and work your way to the third.

General tips:

Wrap the leg around the ball AS THE BALL IS GOING UP. Doesn’t matter whether you do it from a foot stall or a juggle. If you don’t start moving your leg around while the ball is going UP, then it becomes VERY HARD to make it all the way around.

So, BEFORE you start to swing your leg around MAKE SURE you lift/tap the ball in an upward direction. This is the ONLY way to make this trick work.

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