Soccer Trick: Ankle Hammer Lift

Just like the Ankle Lift, except you add one more step. The Hammer. Roll it up, then hit it down.


This is basically a two-part lift:

1) Start off with a simple ankle lift. Here’s the link to the basic ankle lift. Start at the ankle and roll the ball up the leg.

2) Use the same foot to strike the ball down towards the ground – preferably with the heel.


-As SOON AS you strike the ball with your heel, move the foot FORWARD out of the way to allow the ball to bounce back up.

– Get some good height when you roll it up your leg. Otherwise you won’t have any space to hit the ball down.

– If you want the ball to go in front of you after the hammer – make sure to hit it with a forward motion (moving your foot forward a bit as you hit the ball down) – even if it’s only a little bit. It makes a big difference.

YouTube Link: