Soccer Move: The Elastico

An outside touch quickly followed by an inside touch, without touching the ground in between touches. Risky but fun!


When to do this move

You can perform this move when you have an opponent directly in front of you. It works both when you’re standing still or when you’re dribbling, but it’s more difficult when you’re dribbling so try to slowly work up your confidence. It’s also important to keep in mind that this really only works when the opponent is pretty close to you. It works great in a tight space, but you’ve gotta be quick!

How to do the Elastico Move

1. Using the top of your foot, or the outside of your foot tap the ball to the outside

2. Immediately use the same foot to push it in the opposite direction with the inside part of the foot; usually closer to the toes.


Some people like to use the back part of the inside of the foot (next to your heel) to do the first tap, but that’s just a personal preference. You can also do the first touch with the outside of your foot or the top of your foot. In the video, Rizvan uses the outside of his foot for the first touch.