Soccer Move: Roll and Boost

A very creative move that uses a roll and a boost with the opposite foot.


When to do this move

This move is best executed when you have a player directly in front of you. The player should be close because you will end up running around the player while the ball goes around the player on the opposite side their body. Also, it’s a good idea to perform this move while you’re dribbling so that you have some momentum going.

How to do the Roll and Boost

1. While dribbling or standing still, simply roll the ball to the side with the underside of your foot.

2. As the ball is rolling, use your opposite leg to swing towards the ball and give it a hard tap with the inside part of the foot.

3. The tap should be hard enough that the ball changes direction and goes around the player.

4. Accelerate around the player on the opposite side.