Soccer Moves: Hip Fake – One of my Favorites

A little body language goes a long way. Use this to make your opponent hesitate for a tiny bit, and GO!


As silly as this move may seem to some of you – it’s worked almost 100% of the time for me. I don’t use it to BEAT an opponent. I use it to give myself more time to hold the ball and change direction.

Some of the soccer moves you’ll find on this site are not necessarily for getting past an opponent and leaving him/her dumbfounded behind you. Some moves are designed to delay the game … maybe give you more time for a teammate to come to your rescue. When you create hesitation in your opponent, you create MORE TIME for yourself to make a decision.

The Hip Fake is just a way to do exactly that – to give yourself more time to do something with the soccer ball. Keep that in mind.

Now I WILL admit that sometime the Hip Fake works SO well that I can beat an opponent, but that’s just icing on the cake. I LOVE it when I see a defender takes a big step in the direction of my fake. A quick reverse and I’m GONE. That won’t happen every time of course, but at the very least it will make the opponent hesitate long enough for you to carry the ball a bit more if you need to.

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