Soccer Move: Fake Shot

Very basic but very effective. Make sure to “sell” the fake.


When to do this move

This move is great for any part of the field, but it can be especially effective for forwards because defenders expect the forwards to take shots. If you do it effectively, it can give you some extra space to take a real shot with the defender out of the way. It can also be used by defenders to fake a “clearing” kick, but it is riskier for defenders to perform moves in general, so be careful.

How to do the Fake Shot Move

1. As you are dribbling, take a solid step with the non-kicking foot and raise the arm on the same side of the non-kicking foot.

2. At the same time you raise your arm, pull back the kicking foot as if you are going to take a shot.

2. Instead of shooting, just put the ball to the outside with the outside part of your foot. You can also cut the ball to the inside, depending on where the opponent is standing.