Soccer Move: Double Touch (Revisited)

Two touches with the same foot WITHOUT touching the ground in between. Bold, simple and effective if you’re fast.


When to do this move

This may work well if you have an opponent that is trying to “contain” you or is giving you some space but not diving in. Instead, take the play to THEM! The first touch should be light, and the second touch should have a lot of acceleration.

As I explain in the video – to make this work, you’ll need to hop with the opposite leg because you should NOT touch the ground in between both touches with the active foot.

How to do the Double Touch

1. Using the top of your foot, tap the ball towards the opponent with your dominant foot.

2. At the same time as you tap, hop forward with the non-dominant foot.

3. Upon landing from the hop, tap the ball again (at an angle away from the opponent) with your dominant foot and accelerate!