Soccer Move: Double Scissor Move – When should you use it?

Everyone knows how to do a scissor – BUT when should you use a double scissor?


As I explained in the video, a double scissor is used to unbalance your opponent rather than getting past them. So, the BEST time to use this move is when you are dribbling medium/fast towards an opponent. I would NOT use a double scissor when you are standing still or dribbling slow because you don’t have any advantage (no momentum).

Also – it’s important that you are as close to the opponent as you can so the move will be more effective. If you perform the move too far away, the opponent has more time to recover even if he gets unbalanced.

The scissor move is one of the most well-known moves in soccer. Players like Cristiano Rolando have mastered it and can perform many different variations of the move.