Messi Skills – Soccer Move: Lift, Step, and Go

One of Messi’s signature moves. Lift your leg to fake a turn, then step and GO! Beautiful move.


Messi Skills – Tips for this soccer move

The best time to perform this move is when you are at a stand-still. You can still perform this while you’re dribbling the ball, but you should probably dribble slow and short. As you’ll see in the video below, Messi does this move really well from a standstill and a slow, short dribble.

Remember that the STEP is what makes the defender dive in, so make sure to put a focus on this movement. Also – you must push the ball in the opposite direction IMMEDIATELY after you do the step.

Notice in the video below how Messi really “sells” the first leg lift. He really make it seem like he’s going to turn, but instead he steps back. Even though the defender may not be fooled by the leg lift, I think it’s necessary to really fake it well. The defender will think that you are only faking ONCE, when in reality, there are TWO fakes before you accelerate (the left lift, and then step).